Blue Paisley has been announced as the color of 2015 by Pittsburgh Paints. It is a bold blue with just a hint of green and has a bohemian look to it.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Color of the Year Blue Paisley

Blue Paisley as seen on Pinterest

Blue Paisley has been announced as the color of 2015 by Pittsburgh Paints. It is a bold blue with just a hint of green and has a bohemian look to it. It promises to liven up bland rooms and replace neutral tones with light and vibrancy. As with any bold color, the trick to making it work is knowing how and when to use it and what to pair it with.

The Color Palette

Because Blue Paisley is such a bold color, you’ll want to pair it with more subtle colors that won’t compete with it. Blue and yellow have always gone well together, but this time around choose a more golden yellow that allows the blue to stand out.

Let it be the only color in a room of neutrals. It works equally well with gray as with white. The cool tones can tone down the vibrancy of the blue while allowing it to take center stage.

Where to Use It

Blue Paisley is ideal as an accent wall opposite cream, gray or white walls. Add a touch of elegance by placing gold-framed artwork or mirrors on top of this vivid shade.

Use it in a bedroom behind a white fabric headboard to make both shades stand out. It also works well as a tablecloth against white fabric chairs. Pairing white and blue brings a freshness that can add energy without being too overwhelming to the eye.

This is a color that can work in any room. It adds a cool touch to a bedroom, livens up a living room, and creates a pleasant space in a kitchen or even the bathroom.

How to Use the Color

It fits in with almost any theme or design style. The bright hue has a global look that has very few limitations. The one rule to follow in most cases is to use it in small doses rather than making it a major player in any room.

Blue Paisley works equally well with silver or gold accent pieces. While it is most often thought of as a paint color for your walls, you might be surprised at how lovely it looks on a nightstand or end table. Look for fabric in this shade for pillows or drapes for a room. This is a fabulous idea for anyone who is a little afraid of committing to such a bold color choice for the long-term. Pillows, bed linens and curtains can be easily replaced without costing a fortune.

It has been a rough period in many aspects of people’s lives. From a tight economy to foreclosures and job losses, the last few years have been hard on a lot of people. Blue Paisley evokes a sense of positivity and hope – two emotions that people need for the future. This color inspires and encourages. Use it to brighten your home and put a smile on your face.

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