Mary Williams Interior Redesign - Coachella Valley, CA

PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Color of the Year Blue Paisley

Blue Paisley as seen on Pinterest Blue Paisley has been announced as the color of 2015 by Pittsburgh Paints. It is a bold blue with just a hint of green and has a bohemian look to it. It promises to liven up bland rooms and replace neutral tones with light and vibrancy. As with any bold color, the trick to making it work is knowing how and when to use it and what to pair it with. The Color Palette Because Blue Paisley is such a bold color, you’ll want to pair it with more subtle colors that won’t compete with it. Blue and yellow have always … Read More »


Of particular note was Mary’s ability to stage and decorate our home for sale. She did a tremendous job and almost convinced us to cancel the sale and stay where we were…

– Tim in Washington