“Remodeling” has released its 2014 “Cost vs Value Report”

Will that Remodel “Pay” you Back?

remodelFrom Moneycrashers.com.

“Remodeling” has released its 2014 “Cost vs Value Report”

The surprising, but not surprising, remodel recouped cost is for a backup generator. This could possibly give you approximately 72% of the original cost of installation back into your pocket when it comes to selling your home.

Other top Costs vs Values in the Pacific area?

More Bang for your Buck

Steel Entry Door Replacement     113%

Garage Door Replacement            98%

Minor Kitchen Remodel               104%

Major Kitchen Remodel               89%

Window Replacement100 to    102%

Not so much

Garage Addition                           71%

Roofing Replacement                 76%

(Note: you STILL have to replace when needed, but don’t expect $$ for $$ return on what you paid to have your roof done)

Bathroom Addition                      75%

Bathroom remodel                      81%

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