What makes the Best Kitchen Counter Tops?

One of the major items you have to decide on in your kitchen remodel is what kind of counter top would fit your needs the best. You don’t always have to go with a granite counter top.


Very durable, unaffected by heat, and resistant to acids in tomatoes and lemons. However, it is very pricey, and is softer than other choices and may nick and scratch (these can be sanded out). Choosing a less green slab for your countertop will reflect in a harder surface.


It is a “living” surface when it reacts to different substances placed on it. It is easy to clean and maintain. The surface will oxidize, naturally germ resistant, and versatile. However, it will pit, scratch and dent. It is an expensive alternative.

Major Remodel KitchenTile

One of the most affordable is the ceramic or stone tile counter tops. It is extremely durable, but maintenance can be a bit grueling with grout. It is heat resistant, but will damage knives, if you don’t use a cutting board. Grout does attract bacteria and needs to be treated.


It’s natural stone and very durable. However, since it is stone and extremely unique, sometimes you need to waste some granite to get the perfect pattern for your kitchen counter.

The link below has much more details about each of these counter top options and ideas.

Your Kitchen:
10 Great Alternatives to Granite Counters

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