What is the difference between interior decorating and staging a home?

80396 Pebble_HR_122The real estate market in the Desert area is unique. We are not only selling a home, but we are selling a lifestyle – a great way of life. Our weather is not only extremely desirable, but our culture is, too – and our home interiors show that.

In order to start preparing yourself and your home to enter the real estate market, place yourself into the shoes of the buyer and take a very long look at your home – yes, you have it beautifully decorated; for your taste, but is it staged to whet the buyers’ tastes?

What is the difference between interior decorating and staging a home?

Interior decorating is your personal taste showing the colors and décor you find pleasurable and comfortable.

Staging a home is used to showcase your home’s best features – it is another marketing tool to entice buyers to purchase. Staging takes the focus off the seller needs and places it on the buyer needs which increases the salability of the home. A professionally staged home can also sell our Desert culture and lifestyle as well.

Staging a home is like setting a stage – for buyers. Personal items and clutter are removed, placing the focus on the home itself. Rooms are expertly transformed into elegant showcases based solely on what attracts buyers to purchase showing off your home’s best features.

If you’re thinking about putting your Desert Home on the market and aren’t sure if you should have it staged or not, contact me today. I will give you an idea of how your home can be showcased showing its best features attracting the best buyers.

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