What are the hidden costs of redesign or remodel?

DSC_6568_0162One think you quickly find out when you start a redesign or remodel project is that you generally find more to “fix” as you get deeper into the project. Old wiring that needs to be replaced, that leak several years ago caused more damaged than thought and that needs to be replaced or new ideas come up that would make the redesign that much nicer. It does help to prepare yourself for the shock and awe of a new repair and add some cushion to your redesign funds.

Other costs you may not have anticipated on, but should make sure they are in the bid:

Waste disposal

It’s got to go someplace and it’s not cheap. If the home has any age to it and has some hazardous materials like asbestos, then the cost and mitigation gets even costlier. Make sure your contractor discloses any issues they may think they may encounter in the renovation.

80396 Pebble_HR_134Food

Not so much for the workers, but how much is it going to cost to eat out every day …. Week … month or until the renovation is done? It’s one thing to eat out on date night, but quite another when it extends into weeks.


Once your workpersons have cleaned up their work area, not it’s time to deep clean the entire house – dust floats and gets into every nook and cranny. You’ll want to clean everything and everywhere and make sure the carpets are shampooed as well.

But even though it will be messy and inconvenient, it will be worth it once your home has been redesigned.

Also, this is the PERFECT time to redesign while you’re away over the summer! Wouldn’t it be great to come home to a totally redesigned home in the Desert? No worries and no messing with the mess!!

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