Small things make the biggest Difference in Design!

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Small details can make the biggest difference in your living space whether it’s staging it to sell or redesigning it after the sale.

Think Cordless

Nothing is as distracting to a beautiful wall than ugly cords and cables dangling. Using cordless electronics create a clean background to your unit. If that won’t work, then there are clever cord covers to use instead.


Lighting isn’t just setting a lamp on a table. Lighting can enhance or distract from the ambiance of the room. Too much lighting may be too harsh and too little can create gloom. Even lighting placed in the wrong spot can change the entire look of the room.

Area Rugs

Don’t skimp on the size of an area rug. An area rug should be proportionate to the room and location of the furniture. The feet of the furniture should at least sit on the edges of the area rugs instead of off the rug entirely. Rugs pull everything together and form a cozy area.


Base colors are great and then add accents. If you start matching walls to drapes to furniture, all of a sudden you have a monochromatic room …. Just imagine walking into a little girl’s room. Everything is pink – pink walls, pink curtains, pink bedspread, pink toys, pink bears, pink doll house …. Rooms need to be broken up with color and texture.

Decorating Fads

Remember the 70’s? Red shag carpet on the walls? Lava Lamps? Orange, Avocado, & Gold dots on the wallpaper? Avocado shag carpet? It’s best to go with the tried and true décor. To change it up a bit later, only takes a few accents – and the other is discarded without hassle.

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