Now is the time to hunt for bargains for your home in La Quinta!

What is a good time to buy:

You don’t have to have anyone going back to school to take advantage of some of the best deals of the season. If your home office is in need of some items, it’s best to pick it up now. You’ll find great deals at any of our local big box and office supply stores for paper, notebooks, pens, and lunch boxes (which are fabric and lined making them great totes for taking your favorite dish to a luncheon).
Dorm décor – now don’t laugh. If you’re going to spruce up your home to sell, it’s a great way to add a lot of color for not a lot of money – rugs, lamps, towels and sheets. Even little knick knacks will add to any décor. I can help you spruce up your Desert home for when you come back for season or stage it to sell.
Totes and storage boxes. Think college students . Stores are brimming with great deals on storage totes – often in bright colors to match their dorm décor. Whether you’re going to move or just gain some room, if you’re looking at organizing, now is the time to stock up on totes and boxes.Would you believe 55” 3D HDTV’s are the lowest price of the season since November of LAST year??? May want to check it out – football season starts in September! There are lots of cool places to set one up – call me to find out which may work in your home best!


32” TV’s – wait until September when stores generally reduce prices lower then than on Black Friday.It is IS a great thing to redesign your home in the Desert now.

If you are thinking about a remodel, redesign, or reorganizing;
then I am your redesign professional!

If you are considering selling your property,
and you think it needs staging; I am your neighborhood professional!

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