Does Staging a Home Really Make a Difference?

Staging and redesigning luxury homes in the La Quinta area can either be done while it’s vacant or occupied, though vacant is a lot easier for both owner and redesigner. Either way, it is always best to have it staged and redesigned before you ever list the home and have it professionally photographed.

Here are two photos – a before and after of a professionally staged home.2012-10-06 11.50

This is the same room. The BEFORE picture is a game room and provides a lot of fun – however, if selling your home, buyers may only see this room as a billiard room, not seeing all the possibilities this room has to offer.

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The AFTER picture is inviting, shows lot of room and seating to enjoy a night at home or entertaining. The room is more inviting and colorful.

Potential buyers can envision themselves in this room rather than trying to figure out how to use the room.

Staging is used as a marketing tool to present your home in the best possible light when it ‘s first listed on the real estate market.

If you’re wondering if your home should be staged and redesigned, call me today at 760-567-7282. I’ll meet with you and we’ll talk about what may be the best way to showcase your home in the Desert.

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