Do you like granite counter tops?

80396 Pebble_HR_127I just recently read an article online on the site written by Samuel Weigley*, showing the percentage of home buyers who would actually be willing to pay for an improvement and the amount they’d be willing to pay for that additional improvement.

Weigley’s article is fascinating (there is a link below to read his full article)!
Here are a few of the high-lights of his article:

Granite counter tops
According to the article, over half of home buyers who purchased a home without granite counter tops would pay extra if the home would have granite counter tops.

Master Bedroom Walk-in Closets
Another high percentage would pay to have a walk-in closet off the Master Bedroom! The majority of home buyers see this as a “very important” feature when buying their next home. Not only is it a great place to store your clothes, but it is becoming a status symbol.

Central Air
That is a must here in the desert and even though the article said almost 3/4  of home buyers would pay extra to have central air in their home, I could almost best it could be 100% here.

However, as great as all this sounds, your home is unique – how do you know if something will work in your home’s redesign or staging? It’s not a good idea to just go do something because it’s trendy or in style – your home’s staging and/or redesign needs to be done with great thought and strategy to make the most of home’s character and charm.

And of course, there is the investment in the remodel/redesign and how it pencils out when the home is listed …… these are all things I can help you with. Call 760-567-7282 to see how your home can be redesigned or staged. Or, if you like this article, follow me on Facebook!


*to read the full article, click here or follow Samuel Weigley on

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