A Pillow or a Strategy?

A pillow is just a pillow, but not when you’re trying to set a stage. Each pillow placement is strategic to the layout of the room to add color, dimension and / or texture.

I just ran across an online article about 7 ways to arrange bed pillows, recently posted by “Cathy” at “HomeGoods.com”. Many of these pillow arrangements are clever and attractive. But which one would be right for your bedroom?

Here are some ways pillows have been used as accents to show off a room:

80396 Pebble_HR_140

80396 Pebble_HR_133

55208 Big Spring_HR_047

80396 Pebble_HR_144

Imagine what this room would look like without the placement of the pillows…. Not sure if you should stage your home? Call 760-567-7282 today.

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