7 Ways to Save with Green Plumbing in the Desert

green plumbingWhat does it mean to be ecologically minded? It’s a promise to pollute less, and save resources like water and electricity. That is where green plumbing comes into the picture. If you’re renovating or moving to a new place, a little pre-thought can save you money.

Green Plumbing

Low flow – Install bathroom fixtures like toilettes and shower heads that waste less water. Also, install an aerator to the bathroom sink which makes less water come out stronger.

Grey water –Water from the bathroom basins, showers, baths, and washing machine can be recycled directly within the home and used to flush toilets for example.

Rain water tanks – Installed in different parts of the yard, tanks collect water when it rains to be used for irrigation during dry spells.

Hot water – Instead of using one big tank and having the hot water travel a distance – and cool down in the process – install tankless heaters next to where it is needed. Less water is wasted by waiting for the water to turn hot, and less electricity/gas is used to reheat the water.

Water Heating – The cheapest way to heat the house water is by using solar energy. These systems have been used around the world for at least 30 years and have improved tremendously. The sun is a cheap, renewable energy source that does not pollute.

Drip Irrigation – If you live in a hot and dry climate, drip irrigation is the best way to water your garden. Water doesn’t go to waste with sprinkle heads that spray all around where some of the water evaporates before it even hits the ground.

Insulate – If you live in extreme weather, insulating the house and exterior pipes is the biggest money saver. There are many environmentally friendly insulation products. Nowadays, green plumbing is also offered as a course in some community colleges.

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