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Small things make the biggest Difference in Design!

Small details can make the biggest difference in your living space whether it’s staging it to sell or redesigning it after the sale. Think Cordless Nothing is as distracting to a beautiful wall than ugly cords and cables dangling. Using cordless electronics create a clean background to your unit. … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day!

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Where to you start with a Redesign Project?

It’s so exciting! You are going to update, refresh or redesign your home. But wait! Before you hand over a hammer or money to just anyone there are a few things you need to get in order. Know EXACTLY what you want. That sounds pretty elementary, but if you don’t know exactly what you want, you may … [Read more...]

How to Design a Contemporary Living Room in the Desert

One of the best ways to make it easier to sell your house in La Quinta and surrounding area is to design it in a contemporary style that does not look dated or lose its value. If you’re not sure how to create a living space that’s both comfortable and modern, here are some tips to help you get … [Read more...]

Green Energy Remodeling Tips for Desert Living

When you remodel your home in the Desert, you have an opportunity to cut down on energy use simply by making a few smart decisions. Here are a few green energy remodeling tips primed to help you save on energy for years to come.Check for Water or Moisture Spots Before you start remodeling, … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Understanding the Real Cost of Home Improvement Projects in the Desert

    It can seem simple to start a home improvement project here in the Desert. There are plenty of  "reality" TV shows showing you how to buy, fix and flip; you may think it will only take a few days and a few thousand dollars to make major changes. However, the … [Read more...]

May 2013 Interior Redesign Newsletter

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